Download LECTOR 2007 version 02.08 (release date: 2009-04-09):

Please note:

  • You can install and use LECTOR 2007 independently from LECTOR 2003.
  • To use Unicode fonts within LECTOR 2007 "Arial Unicode MS", "New Athena Unicode", "Palatino Linotype" or another font will full ancient Greek support has to be installed on your system ("Arial Unicode MS" is normally delivered together with Windows XP and Windows Vista). Under Windows Vista currently the following Unicode fonts are ready for use with LECTOR 2007:
    Arial Unicode MS, Microsoft Sans Serif, Palatino Linotype, Tahoma and Times New Roman.
  • The LECTOR vocabularies are not yet complete and do actually contain translations of a very few frequently used words and forms! We invite you to contribute to these vocabularies by creating your personal dictionaries within LECTOR 2007 and exchanging them with us.

To install LECTOR 2007 please:

  • Save Lector2007-Setup.exe in a directory of your choice,
  • Start Lector2007-Setup.exe,
  • Choose an appropriate installation directory.
  • Start LECTOR 2007 by clicking on the LECTOR symbol.
  • LECTOR will try to install the needed Greek and Symbol fonts.
  • You will have to put in the directory names for reading the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs and for saving the results.
  • LECTOR will ask you for the registration key. If you already registered LECTOR please put in your registration key. By pressing CANCEL the 60 days trial period will start.

Installation under Windows Vista:

  • To install LECTOR 2007 it is recommended to run the installation program with administrator permissions.
  • It may be necessary to run LECTOR the first time with administrator permissions or to install the font files manually.

An online help will be installed together with LECTOR 2007. You can access it by clicking <F1> from LECTOR 2007 or from the Windows Start menu. If you encounter any problems during installation or after, please report them to: lector@maierphil.de.

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www.maierphil.de - E-mail: info@maierphil.de