Fonts for Greek and Latin Texts


We offer some fonts designed especially for the CD-ROM text editions from PHI and TLG. Encoded in those texts you will find a lot of numerals, diacritical and even musical signs which are actually very hard to represent with standard characters. If you want to type ancient text that contains those special characters you may run into great difficulties. Therefore we started to implement at least some such characters.

At the moment, 5 fonts are available:
graece (version 2.0) graece is a very easy to use ancient Greek font. Since it contains separate characters for accents and letters you can type ancient Greek texts nearly in beta code.
Corinthus for Lector Corinthus for Lector is a very professionally designed ancient Greek font.
BetaNumerical BetaNumerical contains the numerals found on the PHI and TLG CD-ROM editions
BetaDiacritical BetaDiacritical contains the diacritical signs found in the PHI and TLG CD-ROM editions.
BetaMusical BetaDiacritical contains the musical signs found in the PHI and TLG CD-ROM editions.


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